I can never get used to the Chinese job interview process


How many times have you experienced this conversation during a job interview in china:

Q: Which city did you come from?
A: City XYZ

Q: How old are you?
A: 35 years old

Q: Married?
A: Yes.

Q: Children?
A: Yes. A 2 years old

Q: Who take care of your child when you go yo work?
A: My mother.

Q: What if you have to work late? 
A: My mother lives with us. She will take care of the child.

Q: Oh... Hmmm....

Yes. You read this right. This is normal, in china. Being from the US, and have always worked hard to make sure I have a gender equal, non discriminating workplace, that type of interview questions drive me crazy. But it happens all the time. *sigh*