A Daring Day


My family and I went to go look around Shanghai . My dad was the tour guide . There was a LOT of walking . My legs and ankles got really sore , but it was worth it .

>:-( ----> :-1

First ,  we went to the Dong Tai road antique market . At the very end of the road we found some cool ( obviously antique ) locks . It costed 250 rmb at first , but my dad bargain it down to 120 - less than half the price . Next , we went to a near by food market . We went to a small food stall . It  sold warm drinks and fresh egg balls . ( pastries ) My dad bought a chocolate latte for him and the fresh egg balls for us to share . It was really good !

We started to walk again . My mom called us over to another food stall . This one sold scallion pancakes with different fillings . My mom ordered two . Then we went into a taxi to go to a restraunt , my dad had recommended . When the taxi dropped us off , we had absolutely no idea where we were . 

We had to look around . That took a lot of walking , searching , and backtracking . When we finally found the restraunt - for what seemed like a century later - I was very relieved . We ate its specialty , shaolong-bao . It was called Dingtaifong-I think . It was good . We finally went back to our condo by taxi I felt joy seeping into me from every direction . I felt as light as a feather . It was a good good good feeling . I definitely had a very daring day .



Wonton Winner

Second visiting guest blogger's first piece:


We went to have dumplings in Shanghai. They hand made them. They had  wontons that were dry, in soup, & some soup like miso soup. They costed ¥10, ¥13, & ¥8. "Pretty cheap good foods!!!!!!!!!" :-U says Bobjoebilly!!

They make it using dough, veggies, mushrooms, some sauce, & oil. They put it all together and make the best dumplings in the world!! The dough is nicely soft and slippery. Anywhere in Shanghai, you can always find good food just down the street! I think that the food in Shanghai is Great.

Goodnight, I am tired.

- G