The Journey Begins

Here we go...  Off to Boston's Logan International. Maybe it is early in a Saturday morning. Maybe the Boston RedSox is doing well. Everyone seems to be in a good mood. The American Airlines greeter and I joked about cranky early morning travelers. Even the TSA agent was friendly. I went from curb to lounge in about 20 minutes.


I am heading from Boston (well, Lexington MA to be precise)  to Shanghai via Hong Kong to start a new job. The rest of the family will trail a little later since it is much easier to get things figured out myself first. Why via Hong Kong? I lived there until I went to high school in the UK. I feel at home there. I can also get some of my Visa related paperwork done there. And some shopping.

Boston-Frankfurt-Tokyo was a familiar route that I traveled a lot for many years. This time is different. There is a 8 and a 9 year old at home that makes being away much harder. The 8 year old is taking it particularly hard. I can feel it. Since we will be facetime'ing a lot she probably will take the iPhone to bed like a teddy bear.


So, the new journey begins.