Domino Pizza has English Web Ordering

For anyone who does not read Chinese, the Domino Pizza China website has online ordering, and the website is bi-lingual. You can place your order in English. Pretty nice !

There are a few small problems, nothing that a bit of work can't solve:

Your Home Address

When you add your address to the system, even on the English side, it requires you to enter your address in Chinese. I assume you have somewhere an electronic, cut-and-paste ready of your Chinese home address stored somewhere? I put mine in an entry in my contact list on my Mac.

End User Agreement

This is more of a fun thing. Before you complete your account registration, you have to acknowledge an End User Agreement. Not that anyone usually read these things, but I find it a bit amusing that you have to read an End User Agreement before order... Pizza.


I live in Lujiazui (陆家嘴). A new Dominos just opened down the street from us. So the delivery is quick.

Bon Appétit !

Grade 4 Science Fair from 7300 Miles Away


When a family operates from two different parts of the world, technology to the rescue:

My fourth grader is working on his science fair, due next week. This evening Boston time (7pm) he is working on his experiment. I am walking to walk in Shanghai financial district 8am. We hate a brief Facetime chat while I was eating breakfast. During my walking commute, my iPhone beeped. My son WeChat'ed me a question. We WeChat'ed back and forth a few times, and he is off continuing working on the experiment.

Think of all the technology involved:

  • real time video conferencing using Facetime
  • (relatively) High speed internet in a Shanghai apartment
  • High speed Fios internet connection in the US
  • 3G data network on my iPhone in Shanghai
  • Social network chatting app WeChat developed in China

We mostly take this for granted now. But this is "star Trek'esque" stuff when I was a kid.

Shanghai South Bund Fabric Market

I have a wonderful Hong Kong tailor. I was not in a rush to check out the Shanghai custom tailor scene. Finally, the weekend before Chinese New Year I decided to head over to the South Bund Fabric Market (南外滩轻纺面料市场) for the first time. I know it will be less crowded. Many of the stores have closed already for the coming new year.

I was right. A arrived at noon time and the market was not too crowded. The main fabric market has three floors of, totally maybe 100 or more shops. Which one to pick? I looked for one that is:

  • neat and organized
  • has good reasonable styled clothing on display
  • not too flashy
  • displaying men's clothing only
  • already has a Chinese customer inside
  • not have a pushy sales person
  • not run by someone too old or too flashy

I found a shop on the second floor. The sales person was friendly but efficient. Once I told her I wanted to try to make a single pair of pants, she helped me picked the materials and style. Turned out she speaks very good English, but we mostly conversed in Chinese. Except I have no idea the Chinese terms are for pleats (褶 Zhe3), button down, etc. I ordered a pair of khakis for 200 CNY and a button down shirt for 130 CNY. Dress pants will be 250 CNY. Prices are obviously very good compare to off the rack in the US, and about half of what it cost in HK tailored. But until I actually get them I would not know the quality.

I went across the street to the smaller market. I bought a cashmere sweater for 560 CNY because I actually needed one. They will tailored one for about 640 CNY. I also found a interesting hand made shoes store ! The lady said her father is the master cobbler and have been doing it since he was six years old. I told her this will be a lost art and hope that her family keeps it up. She said she can do the upper part of the shoe but a girl is not strong enough to do the sole, but she will keep the family business going. A pair of custom leather shoes will cost around 1800 CNY she said. Some day I will try them out.

Stay tune for the second post for updates once I received the cloths.

How to get to the South Bund Fabric Market

The address is:

South Bund Fabric Market
399 Lujiabang Lu


Nán wàitān (South Bund)

qīng fǎng miàn liào (light fabric)

shì chǎng (market)


Funny Thing Happened on the way to the Fabric Market

Weekend before Chinese New Year. I have decided to head over to the South Bund Fabric Market (南外滩轻纺面料市场) for the first time. It will be less crowded. I was hungry so I found a small local eatery to get something to eat. Terrible mistake. The food was pretty bad. But a funny thing happened.

Two middle aged gentlemen sat across the aisle. Part way through their lunch they called out to me. "Where did you get your clothes?" they asked. Huh? I though. They said "Your jacket, with the hood. So convenient! Where did you buy it?"

I told them it was from Uniqlo. I think they understood. Are there no hoodies in old Shanghai?

A New me on A New Years Day


I maybe biased, but I find this to be a great New Year blog post by my 8 year old guest blogger. She was in Shanghai for a few weeks. She was a bit sick because of the traveling and the bad Air. On New Year Day we are leaving to go to Hong Kong. This is her blog post. I love her  positive thinking:

Today is January 1 , 2014 ! In Shanghai of course . But , Happy New Year to anyone who reads this on New Year's Day ! ( your time )

Anyway , I am very excited , because :

  1. It is New Years Day .
  2. I woke up today feeling like a new me . Not sick .

I didn't make a New Years resolution . I couldn't think of one . Not saying I'm perfect though .

Last night I thought we would probably hear fireworks but I actually slept through it , so I can't tell you if there was any . I spent most of the day making a fort with my brother . I had a good New Year . Did you ? Or will you ?