Multi Language Support on Macs

One very nice thing about Apple products, including laptops, iPads and iPhones, is that they all have fantastic multi lingual support. You just need to add additional input language supports to the defaults.

This is a step by step instruction for adding input support for Simplified and Traditional Chinese input to a Mac:

1. Open System preferences and click on language and region

2. Click on Keyboard Preferences

3. Add the three shown input methods below

4. Create a keyboard short cut to quickly switch between input methods

The default keyboard short cut for switching between input sources (languages) is cmd-space. However the default for spotlight is also cmd-space. If you read apple's support document, it tells you to change the spotlight short cut to something else. That does not make sense. I use spotlight much more often. As I often need to use other people's Macs, I want to keep the spot light shortcut to the standard. So using the screen below, I changed the "select source in input" to "ctrl-space". Just click on the shortcut character and press "ctrl-space".