Domino Pizza has English Web Ordering

For anyone who does not read Chinese, the Domino Pizza China website has online ordering, and the website is bi-lingual. You can place your order in English. Pretty nice !

There are a few small problems, nothing that a bit of work can't solve:

Your Home Address

When you add your address to the system, even on the English side, it requires you to enter your address in Chinese. I assume you have somewhere an electronic, cut-and-paste ready of your Chinese home address stored somewhere? I put mine in an entry in my contact list on my Mac.

End User Agreement

This is more of a fun thing. Before you complete your account registration, you have to acknowledge an End User Agreement. Not that anyone usually read these things, but I find it a bit amusing that you have to read an End User Agreement before order... Pizza.


I live in Lujiazui (陆家嘴). A new Dominos just opened down the street from us. So the delivery is quick.

Bon Appétit !