A New me on A New Years Day


I maybe biased, but I find this to be a great New Year blog post by my 8 year old guest blogger. She was in Shanghai for a few weeks. She was a bit sick because of the traveling and the bad Air. On New Year Day we are leaving to go to Hong Kong. This is her blog post. I love her  positive thinking:

Today is January 1 , 2014 ! In Shanghai of course . But , Happy New Year to anyone who reads this on New Year's Day ! ( your time )

Anyway , I am very excited , because :

  1. It is New Years Day .
  2. I woke up today feeling like a new me . Not sick .

I didn't make a New Years resolution . I couldn't think of one . Not saying I'm perfect though .

Last night I thought we would probably hear fireworks but I actually slept through it , so I can't tell you if there was any . I spent most of the day making a fort with my brother . I had a good New Year . Did you ? Or will you ?