A Daring Day


My family and I went to go look around Shanghai . My dad was the tour guide . There was a LOT of walking . My legs and ankles got really sore , but it was worth it .

>:-( ----> :-1

First ,  we went to the Dong Tai road antique market . At the very end of the road we found some cool ( obviously antique ) locks . It costed 250 rmb at first , but my dad bargain it down to 120 - less than half the price . Next , we went to a near by food market . We went to a small food stall . It  sold warm drinks and fresh egg balls . ( pastries ) My dad bought a chocolate latte for him and the fresh egg balls for us to share . It was really good !

We started to walk again . My mom called us over to another food stall . This one sold scallion pancakes with different fillings . My mom ordered two . Then we went into a taxi to go to a restraunt , my dad had recommended . When the taxi dropped us off , we had absolutely no idea where we were . 

We had to look around . That took a lot of walking , searching , and backtracking . When we finally found the restraunt - for what seemed like a century later - I was very relieved . We ate its specialty , shaolong-bao . It was called Dingtaifong-I think . It was good . We finally went back to our condo by taxi I felt joy seeping into me from every direction . I felt as light as a feather . It was a good good good feeling . I definitely had a very daring day .