Magical Mall Time

My family and I went to the mall for dinner . We had a Tai / Melaysian combanation . It was really good . We ate a delicious grilled platter . It looked beautiful . We ate and ate until our hearts desire . At the restraunt there were a few people dancing and singing . It was a surprise . Something that puzzled me was that they were singing in Spanish even though we were in China.

Tonight , we had mangosteen . It is a type of fruit . You eat them in segments . They weren't bad . I liked their taste . In each segment there is a seed . The fruits in Asia are really good .

We took a walk around the compound . We saw a few landmarks . We enjoyed it . ( Actually we had to walk around the whole compound , because the back gate to get in was locked .  Still , it was enjoyable . ) It was a long day and I'm now ready for bed . I have a long ,  exciting day ahead of me . ;-O <----(yawn)