Kumquats in Snappy Shanghai


This is the first of a series of posts by our visiting guest bloggers. Enjoy:

I arrived in Shanghai . I am soooooo glad to be off the plane . I had real (large sized) kumquats for the first time ! Very very vvveeerrrryyyyy good ! I am going to buy 1 lb of it tomorrow . Can’t wait ! 

I am going to do more exploring tomorrow with family . Speaking of family , I got to see my dad today ! He was gone for business . I also checked out the condo we are staying in ! I liked it a lot .

It’s quite dark now , because we arrived at night . Shanghai is fun even when I haven’t even been here for a whole day .  If I were you , I would go to Shanghai for vacation ! Don’t forget to buy kumquats !!!

 - M :vD