Kiehls in Shanghai

photo credit  creating in the dark .

photo credit creating in the dark.

I wanted to pick up something from Kiehls and I remember walking passed one of their stores in one of the malls near my office. So I went online to make sure I know where it is before heading out. Pretty simple task?

No -- On the English site, they have a global store locator. Wonderful? I looked up their stores in Shanghai using the store locator page and it showed two stores only. I know that is not true because I have seen a lot of them in different shopping malls.

I went onto the China Khiels site, and there they are -- 5 stores total in shanghai including the one that I was looking for in 正大广场 , Super Brand mall.

Lesson? I global company cannot keep their websites sync'ed up? There is no a single global database of the stores, pushing data to each country sites? The US Kiehls site is powered by demanware, a very large provider of e-commerce sites. The Chinese site is powered by something else. That is part of the issue, but where is the global management that should keep problems like this from happening?