Prepaid Phone SIM Card in Hong Kong

This is part of the on-the-way-to-Shanghai Hong Kong series: 


If you are going to spend time in Hong Kong, it make sense to get a local phone card. Everyone in Hong Kong operates on phone, SMS and whatsApps chat. Most importantly, with a data enabled smartphone (you did bring your unlocked iPhone with you, right?) you can google map every step of your way. 


Currently (November 2013) the two good mobile carriers to use are One2Free and Both have reasonable plans. The sales rep should help you get a reasonable plan without over paying. Make sure you get a prepaid SIM card plan that has 3G service. When I got to the shops the one2free shop were out of nano size SIM card so I bought a "3" SIM card for $188.

I recommend you buy the card once you arrive at the Hong Kong airport. You do have to lug your bags upstairs, to the departure lounge. But that is easily done with the elevator service:

  • once you are out of the restricted area, find the elevator or escalator or the ramp and go to the departure floor, upstairs
  • find the F aisle , head to the end
  • turn around -- now you should see some shops at the end of both the G and the F aisle/check in counters. There should be a 1010 shop, which is the name for one2free shops, and a "three" shop. 
  • Pick one and ask for a prepaid SIM card. 


Note that the image is distorted because it is a panorama image! 

Note that the image is distorted because it is a panorama image!