Largest Uniqlo in the world in Shanghai


I am a big fan of Uniqlo. They are a great place for simple, reasonable quality basics and casual wear, at least for a not too fashion conscious guy. So when I find out that Uniqlo opened it's largest store in the world in Shanghai Xin Tian Di area, I have to go check it out.

It is a nice store. Right off the exit of the South Huangpi road (黃陂南路) line 1 subway. Normally their stores are tight in layout. This one is more spacious, with separate floors for men, women etc. The top floor has a special fashion section.

Having mostly shopped in the Hong Kong uniqlo stores, I realized that the prices are the same. I.e. the pieces cost the same for Chinese dollars as Hong Kong dollars. Since Chinese dollars are worth a bit more then Hong Kong dollars, items are more expensive here. Currently the exchange rates to USD is 6.1 vs 7.7, so items are about 20% more expensive. Yikes!


Still, having Uniqlo (and Muji and IKEA) here in Shanghai makes my global living slightly easier. Their cloths are functional, comes in all colors, what else would I need? Fleece tops? checked. Socks and T shirts in every colors? checked. Functional casual coat for winter? Checked. The only thing I cannot buy there are work clothes since work here is formal dressed, and why wouldn't you tailored all your shirts and suits when you are a short flight from Hong Kong? That's another post.