Multi-currency Bank Account in an Hour

This is part of the on-the-way-to-shanghai Hong Kong series: 

Only in Hong Kong.  Walked into a small citibank branch at Tsim Sha Tsui at 3:45pm. A greeter/triage rep chatting with me about my needs of having an Hong Kong based bank account that can hold USD, Hong Kong Dollars, and RMB. Without a proof of address in Hong Kong, I need an account that is based in HK but with a US home address. Can it be done?

The rep was extremely knowledgable. Soon I am sitting down with a second rep -- he gathered all the documentation and started the account opening process.  Once the account is ready, I was directed to a third rep -- a branch manager to complete the paperwork. A operations manager came and checked the signed documents, a fifth staff prepared a laminated reminder/information card for me. 4:45pm, one hour later, I walk out of the branch with a simple account that can hold multiple currencies, internet access with SMS based authentication to manage transfers, and a RFID ATM card.

I told the manager that I was very impressed with the team approach and speed of processing. She replied: "This is typical Hong Kong -- everyone expects speed."

That's why I like this place so much.